It’s Raining Men!

Tonight, I will be participating in a time honored tradition called The Bachelorette Party. There will be a limo, innappropriate gifts, too much drinking, and dancing around Houston. All of my friends from various moments in my life will be there, except for the losers who pooped out on me, but I still love all of you.

Have a nice weekend everyone. I sure will.

–Jane, will behave, sorta

2 comments to It’s Raining Men!

  • I hope you had fun!! I am throwing a bachelorette party next month for someone I have known since we were 6. Sadly, we can’t afford a limo (Boston is a little pricey) but we are taking her to a bar with a mechanical bull . . . so I think that makes up for it. :)

  • Jane

    mechanical bulls are awesome!

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