An Interlude with ACRL

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating about how very, very bad the ACRL President’s Program was at ALA, some very nice librarian video taped the “Interludes” and put them on You Tube. Now you can all bask in the inanity that was this program. Thank you, Internet. I could not make this stuff up and now you can all drown in the cheese.

–Jane, Lord save me from my profession

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  • OUCH! I can’t watch more than about 30 seconds of that without fearing that my degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on!

  • I had read what amounted to some edited transcripts of these event-lets but that didn’t quite convey the awfulness. I’m surprised there wasn’t more spontaneous vomiting amongst the audience members.

  • Like Ranger, I had seen some bits of transcript, but watching that was painful, and I am an Instruction Librarian (i.e. not above using “cheese” if it suits my needs). I think you just trained me to stay way from sessions like that. And how much did people pay to attend that inanity? Best, and keep on blogging.

  • I commented on your posts and on the whole “debate” approach to programs here… [Too long to post as a direct comment.] A note to Angel: Nobody paid to attend that inanity; we pay for overall registration, which provides cover for programs to be well or badly done. And there are always some of each.

  • Jane

    Walt’s post on this brings up some good points so you should all go read it. Go on.

  • God bless Youtube…

    Years ago (a decade ago, actually) I stopped doing Point-Counterpoint panels.

    But “Jane,” at least you can take comfort in the Houston Chronicle doing animated 3-D editorial cartoons!

  • Jane

    Oh, Karen. That is priceless.

  • There’s a place for goofball, even at professional conferences. JCDL introduced its poster sessions with “One Minute Madness,” in which each presenter had the proverbial one minute to talk about his/her poster — and yes, folks were air-horned off the stage if they went long.

    It was awesome, at the end of a very long day. A few attempted jokes fell flat, sure — but then the next presenter came on, and it was all good. It also fulfilled a function; I certainly looked up a few posters I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    I’m with eprahs. 30 seconds, and I closed the browser tab. Yeek.

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