ALA Web Planning Retreat

The ALA Web Planning Retreat is happening on Monday, December 18th. I will be there because why in world would I have said no to the chance of helping ALA in making our web page better? I am actually excited about the trip to Chicago. I assure you it is not entirely due to the fact that I will be able to eat great pizza and have actual winter weather for two days. About 85% of my excitement is the pizza, I admit.

My question for you, oh not so humble readers, is thus: do you have any non-profit websites that you love? Please no one offer me AADL, because that is on everyone’s list! Heck, if there are any you hate, tell me why and send those to! I have been asked to come with screen shots in hand for planning and brainstorming purposes. If you drop some URLs in the comments, I will take shots of them and carry them dutifully to Chicago. I am also willing to take any other comments you would like to leave.

–Jane, planning to plan