Serenity Collector’s Edition

While I am working on my LTR issue this summer, I will really just be staring out the window yearning for this to arrive in my mailbox on August 21.

–Jane, with new shiny commentary

5 comments to Serenity Collector’s Edition

  • Do you know what’s different about this edition? That link doesn’t seem to have any specs. I virtually never double dip, but I might have to cave on this one.

  • Max

    This is strange. I went to the link but when I tried to pre-order I was told that the Serenity Collector’s Edition is discontinued. Amazon doesn’t list it at all.

  • Mr. Rochester

    You already have the DVD. You don’t need to get the collector’s edition also. Now, if you want to get the HD-DVD player for my XBox then you can get the HD-DVD version.

  • Jane

    John, I hear from Whedonesque that the link is now working.

    As for what is on the DVD, rumors are more outtakes, and a new commentary with almost all the BDHs + Joss.

    This is a must have for me.

  • I guess Mr. Rochester can look forward to an HD-DVD player for his XBox!

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