The Chronicle’s Wired Blog and Jane

My friend was reading The Chronicle of Higher Education today and came across my name. He alerted me to the fact and my response was OMGPONIES. As well it should be.

–Jane, see librarians are fun, well, and geeky, ok, ok, mostly geeky

5 comments to The Chronicle’s Wired Blog and Jane

  • I’m just surprised it took The Chronicle so long to get wind of your wonderfulness. :)

  • I’m now downgraded to “a friend”? Or did you think name-dropping me twice in 2 days might raise some eyebrows?


    Seriously, congrats!

  • But doesn’t it feel a little weird to see yourself referred to so solemnly as “Ms. Boule”? I still have to suppress the instinct to turn around and see who they’re really talking to every time one of the med students refers to me as “Mr. Plutchak.” (Who you callin’ “Mister” punk!)

  • Jane

    I was trying not to flaunt the Jason love too much.

    T Scott,
    I am from the South and formal address, like Ms. and Ma’am, are pretty normal. Once I reached a certain age, around 18 or so, I started getting the ma’am and ms. I am mostly used to it now though I admit I sometimes think “who, me?”. Especially if I get the Mrs. because I am not used to that at all.

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