Welcome to my piece of the ‘verse.

My name is Michelle Boule and I am a writer and geek librarian living in Houston, TX. I am currently working on an historical fantasy romance series set in Colorado in the 1850s and 1860s.

There are many ways to contact me here.

If you are looking for a formal CV, this link is for you. If you want the abbreviated version, see below.

In 2008, I was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker. I have created online learning environments, taught in-person classes, presented on a wide variety of subjects, been a Social Sciences Librarian at the University of Houston, shelved books, read books, written articles, organized unconferences, and have participated in subversive activities in an effort to save the world.

My non-fiction book, entitled Mob Rule Learning: camps, unconferences, and trashing the talking head, on the nature of collaborative education at (un)conferences and in professional education is available now.

I have an English degree from Texas A&M University and received my MLS from Texas Woman’s University. I am married to my very own rocket scientist who puts up with my crazy ways and keeps me around for reasons undiscovered by modern scientists. We are avid homebrewers with our own kegging system, fermenting fridge, and storage fridge for bottles. I have 2 bairns, named Gideon and Washington, who are not only completely adorable, but destined to be geeks as well. We have a Nebolish Mastiff, named Pullo, and a Great Dane, named Wicket. I will read almost anything in book form, love to cook, bake, go camping, and believe Joss Whedon is a genius. I dislike steamed zucchini, snow skiing, and running.

I started this little blog in November of 2004 on Blogger as an anonymous librarian posting under the name “Jane.” Although I am putting my real name on this about page, I have become too attached to Jane to give her up so easily. She is a part of who I am and the character behind A Wandering Eyre, so she remains.

The obvious disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are obviously my own and have nothing to do with my employers, acts of God, or the price of gas.