Notes from UnALA10

These are my notes on the presentations given during the Unconference at ALA. Here is how they came into being: As a large group (we had over 50 participants!), we brainstormed trending topics in libraries. Topics generated during this ranged from the digital divide to services in libraries. Then, each person was able to vote […]

Come unala With Us

Something that has the potential to be the most exciting and fun thing happening at ALA Annual this year still has a lot of spaces for people to attend. And it is a free event. And if you come, you will have a large say in what happens, what we talk about, and how what […]

Back-up Plans, the A Team, and Flexibility

It is important to have a back-up plan when creating the plan you hope will work. Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry and then it is time to revamp, evaluate, call in the A-Team, or whatever is needed to keep the levy from breaking. I recently gave birth in a Birth Center with […]

BIGWIG Becomes a Transparentocracy

(I said Friday for big news, but I suppose I am unable to read calendars. This is the big announcement. Enjoy.) People fear and worry about the unknown. The PTB, Powers That Be, in most organizations perpetuate fear by having closed meetings, by distributing meeting minutes that have no substance, hiding or disguising the way […]

An Old Story with a New Twist

I have been busy getting the Rochester household ready for our new addition and I have neglected to read the news from library land. I saw a few posts pop up about Swift when they first popped up, but I did not read them. I think maybe I should have because I would have seen […]

Do we practice what we preach?

I am still trying to figure out how to plan my work, house, and napping needs around the hours of my day. I think I am finally getting an idea of what is and is not possible in a 24 hour period for the stay-at-home Jane. I am catching up on some much needed reading […]

Fish4Info, an Interview at TechSource

I have an interview with Christopher Harris over at the TechSource Blog today. We talk about his new project called Fish4Info. The vision behind Fish4Info was a desire to create a positive library experience. I wanted to change the typical library catalog which is often used as a pass through to information into a destination […]

School Librarians Are Heroes

Since October, I have been working with a group of school librarians from the Rochester, NY area. I created and taught a Five Weeks type course for them called Library 2.0 Leadership Institute. The idea was the brainchild of Chris Harris who is, in my opinion, doing more for school libraries right now then anyone […]

Joe Janes – Second Day IL2007 Keynote

Joe Janes Reference 2.0:Ain’t What it Used to Be… and it never will again [My comments in brackets.] [He is doing this without slides! Coolio.] Mr. Janes self identifies as a Lackluster Enhancer [from Rainie’s talk yesterday]. First article we know of that talks about reference is from 1876. The primary motivation for helping people […]

Lee Rainie – Opening Keynote IL2007

1385 people at the conference Lee Rainie from Pew Internet and American Life Project 2.0 and the Internet World [my comments in brackets] [Lee always opens with humor and he goes through some things that have been blogged about him.] [I can never keep up with Mr.Rainie when he talks. Everything he has to say […]