School Librarians Are Heroes

Since October, I have been working with a group of school librarians from the Rochester, NY area. I created and taught a Five Weeks type course for them called Library 2.0 Leadership Institute. The idea was the brainchild of Chris Harris who is, in my opinion, doing more for school libraries right now then anyone […]

School Libraries Doing Cool Web 2.0 Stuff

I am working on a big project for some school librarians. It is a learning program, like Five Weeks, that will go through a set of Web 2.0 tools and concepts. I want to, as much as possible, use school library examples in the program. I have a few, but I would love some more. […]

Supermarket 2.0

One of our Five Weeks guys, Fred Jahns, sent us this hilarious video entitled Supermarket 2.0. It includes nods to some of my favorite tools. –Jane, laughing in 2.0

It’s Friday World

As Meredith said, yesterday’s post was a downer in a lot of ways, but I still love what I do. I just had to commit those feelings to “paper” and get them off my brain. I feel better and I hope you all do as well. A couple people have asked, “How did y’all decide […]

My Reflections on Five Weeks and Librarianship

Meredith wrote a long post yesterday about her feelings regarding Five Weeks and I thought it was time I posted mine as well. Her description of how this came about is honest and her comments are all things I can say “exactly” to. It was a success because our participants felt like they learned and […]

An Ode to Friday

Friday, how I love thee. I am at home and looking out into a day so clear and blue it sears my eyes to look upon it. The temperature is a lovely 68 degrees. My Five Weeks groups are keeping me on my toes. Our conversations covered everything this week from why superheroes should not […]

Why Five Weeks Works

Today, Beth Tumbleson wrote: In short, blogs empower the end user while permitting staff to promote library services and resources. Indeed. Library and Web 2.0 are about empowerment. That is learning in action! –Jane, empowered by learning

A Little Laugh

Something funny to make up for the previous post which may have caused your brain to smash itself against the walls of your office – a YouTube Star Wars video. It does contain language, but it has been beeped out. I have two groups that I am moderating in Five Weeks. They are both eager […]

The Community Expands

Thanks to a new participant in the Five Weeks to a Social Library, I stumbled across this site: The Social Libraries Lurkers Wiki. This is a wiki built by people who want to have a conversation about the course, outside of the course. Awesome! I can not think of a better example of using 2.0 […]

Now Showing

Five Weeks to a Social Library officially kicks off today. This project started less then a year ago, over email, between friends. I am very lucky to have people like Meredith in my life. People who are not afraid to think big and then pursue it until completion. I want people outside of the course […]