Hey. I posted over at ACRLog!

If you were wondering why I have not written anything substantial for this space in a few days (I mean ponies and coffee?), it is because I have been working on a couple other writing projects. Today, I am a guest poster over at ACRLog. I talk about the Serious Games movement and how a […]

An Interlude with ACRL

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating about how very, very bad the ACRL President’s Program was at ALA, some very nice librarian video taped the “Interludes” and put them on You Tube. Now you can all bask in the inanity that was this program. Thank you, Internet. I could not make this stuff […]

I Can Honestly Say, “It was… interesting.”

ACRL President’s Program 2006 I am always amused when an organization uses a program to hand out awards and do business type things. You have an audience that is here for the program, a captive audience before which you can present awards to people, because then you will have someone to clap while you take […]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell or The Things You Learn From Google

On a lighter note (and we all need one today, right?), I am participating in the Texas Regional Immersion program in July. It has recently come to my attention that one of the faculty for the program shares the name of a current porn star. Poor, John Holmes. –Jane, do not ask how I know […]

The Cost of E-Learning

What is the cost of e-learning? By e-learning, I mean small seminars or one hour talks given by notables in the field, usually on some technology topic. Last week, I “attended” Michael Stephens OPAL talk on the top technology trends in libraries. The software was advanced, yet easy to use and it was a delightful […]

Immerse Yourself in Teaching

Shameless Plug: The University of Houston and The University of Texas are co-hosting a Texas Immersion with the Association of College and Research Libraries from July 14-19, 2006. From the website: This nationally acclaimed program provides librarians with the opportunity to work intensively for four-and-a-half days on all aspects of information literacy. Whether your institution […]