This Moment

This first year of motherhood is overwhelming, joyful, and stretches you beyond your limits. Eventually, the children learn to amuse themselves, though they still need you for many, many things. Once Bairn4 turned one, I started writing again. I wrote a book, Mob Rule Learning. It was an interesting process, writing non-fiction. I found through […]

Maternity Haitus

While there may be an occasional post, I am placing this blog on maternity leave until later in May. I will have the obligatory baby post here in the next couple of weeks, whenever he decides to make his appearance. –Jane, will need extra moments for sleeping

You know you are a geek when…

You have a serious debate with your husband over what order is the proper viewing order for Star Wars when it is time to introduce them to your children. Do you go with the traditional viewing, Episodes 4,5,6,1,2,3? Do you show them chronology and run the risk of the special effects of the newer ones […]

Curious George Is No Monkey

This not a new controversy, but it still has been bothering me. One of the Wee Bairn’s favorite books is Curious George Feeds the Animals. In this book, it says that George was a curious little monkey. Any first year Anthropology student can tell you that all monkeys have tails and Curious George plainly has […]

I Still Have Flair

This has been a very different and interesting conference for me due to Mr. R and the Wee Bairn being with me in Chicago. I am very happy to have them here. In fact, I am certain that I would have been miserable without them. Having them here has meant that I act more my […]

Getting Ready for Annual

In an effort to get ready for ALA, I turned on the Twitter widget that creates a post from my daily Tweets. Sadly, it went a bit haywire. I will try to fix it today, but there may be another strange post tomorrow. The rumors are true. I am bringing Mr. Rochester and Baby Rochester […]

Frivolous TV Post

And because the Wee Bairn is occupied I would like to take this moment to say: Smallville may have jumped the shark last week. Giving Lana superpowers so her and Clark can go fight bad guys and, you know, super bone is about the silliest thing I have seen and there is some crazy crap […]

With a Thankful Heart

It has been a banner year for thankfulness at the Rochester household. Some things I am thankful for are simple and some are more dear, more complex. Here is a list of things this year has brought me. Good coffee with real cream – My mother-in-law always drinks real cream in her coffee, and after […]


Life amuses me. For about the past 4 months I have agonized over my lack of time to do a few things: Clean the entire house at once. It is now done in batches. Read my RSS feeds on library news or any news for that matter. Check my email everyday. Write in this space […]

A day filled with Flan fun

I finally got my hands on the Angel: After the Fall: First Night graphic novel. It is a beautiful hardcover from IDW. I can not wait to devour it. They were out of Serenity #2 and 3 of Better Days. The guy said they keep selling out so I had to put my name on […]