Crowdfunding and Libraries

I am over at the ITI Books Blog today talking about crowdfunding and libraries. Budgets continue to be a major issue for most libraries. Lack of funding for programs, books, and staff has caused many libraries to make major cuts. As librarians, we know that the worse the economic times, the more people need the […]

Filtering Gets an Epic Fail

There is a new post on Library Garden that sums up every reason why filters in our public schools (and often in public libraries) get an epic fail. Epic. Fail. Most of the stories I have heard from school librarians involving filtering have absolutely nothing to do with protecting children against things obscene and everything […]

New Theme, a bit broken

I found I new theme which I really like and added some fun plugins. Alas, my page tabs are now broken. I am trying to locate the problem. The latstest WP 2.7.1 is very slick and easy to use. In comparing the .org with the .com versions, I am pleased that the .com version offers […]

An Unconference for the People

It is time to be the presentation topic you want to be. Do you have a topic you want to discuss with others but can find no outlet? Have a new idea or project you want to share? At ALA Annual 2009, I (along with my frequent partner in crime Meredith Farkas) am helping to […]

Babies, Babies Everywhere and Not a Thought to Think

I am convinced that the more pregnant you are, the more your brain can only focus on babies. I think, biologically, this prepares you for having to concentrate on a wee person’s survival for weeks. I mean years and years. What was I thinking?! As a result of having what my more experienced friends call […]

Spring Cleaning at WE

I know many of you are pondering this title. It is not Spring yet, you may say. I am still shoulder deep in snow! I have sad news for you Northern folks; It is Spring here in Texas. We have a “cold” front coming in later today and it will get as low as the […]

I’m Being Repressed!

All of the recent Gorman discussion smacks of the elite feeling scared that the peasants are gaining control of the system. (and no, I will not link to the tripe that Gorman wrote) I think the authorities had the same things to say about Gutenberg as Gorman has to say about the internet.We all know […]

A Primary Source

A thoughtful “column” from The Eclectic Librarian who was actually at the NASIG presentation I discussed in my previous post. Today has been bursting with interwebs hilarity. I was only sorry to be away for most of the middle part of the day and miss some of the fun. –Jane, still smilin’

Out of Context or Being a Hypocrite

Either way, you look like an ass hat. On Being a Hypocrite Two things recently popped up that make my want to wash my hands of the constant hand wringing and “I am better then the common man” librarianship that seems to be the common backlash against innovation and free thought. One involves me personally. […]


Over the next couple of days, I am going to be playing with the themes and upgrading. Pardon the mess. –Jane, something new