One Last Round For the House

Today is my first day back at work since CIL. Wow, the inbox. Wow, the piles did not reduce in my absence. Alas, back to work. Time for new ideas and getting things done. My last CIL post is up over at TechSource. It is about the opening session, which was fantastic and fact filled. […]

CIL, the funability version

Sushi boat for 4 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. I realized this afternoon that most of my posts about CIL have been all business and no tales of hilarity. And boy, were there tails. On ponies. With monocles. This week the fun was all about three things, in order of their importance: Twitter Alcohol Strippers […]

Learning with Blogs and Wikis, CIL2007

Audience Right Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. CIL 2007 Meredith and I delivered ponies with monocles to a large room of people. It was different presenting to a room filled with people I respect and love. Different in a nerve racking fun way. The talk went very well and we had a lot of great […]

It’s True

A brief CIL 2007 note: Alan Gray is talking about the principles governing the new Darien Library building. He said the thing I say all the time: It is not our library. Indeed. It is not. We are only fooling ourselves when we think we should control the meaning of the library as space or […]

Catalogs in the Future Could Be Fun

CIL 2007 A few of us were sitting on the floor outside of the Potomac room and Tim Spalding came to join us. Very cool. He is very personable and funny. We are camped out so that we can get good spots for his presentation in 15minutes. We finally succeeded in getting some seats and […]

Who’s the Boss

CIL2007 I have heard twice today, in two separate contexts, that younger people think bosses are bad. The first was during Rebbecca Jones’ talk on Organization 2.0. She said, “Young people are not comfortable in a command and control environment.” Basically, the younger generations do not like to be in a strict structure. In Jenny […]

Organization 2.0 Presentation

Organization 2.0 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. CIL 2007 Rebecca Jones Dysart &Jones Associates Organization 2.0 [my comments in brackets] [The picture is a little blurry but it is what a first round restructure should look like.] Three things we have to think about: People Organizational structure and people processes The technology Many organizations are […]

Student’s World Photo Diary Presentation

Nicole Hennig Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. CIL 2007 Nicole Hennig MIT Libraries Student’s World: Photo Diary Study [my comments in brackets] Students tracked their info seeking behaviors for a week. There were 16 undergrads and 16 grad students. They were asked to take pictures and then completed a survey at the end of […]

CIL Post Uno

I arrived at Reagan Airport to a dreary Sunday. The cab ride through the business multiplex to the hotel was a bit disheartening. I think Monterey spoiled me. A group of us went to dinner at a slightly snooty place for Italian food. The food was great, the service was ok, and the company was […]