Now Showing

Now showing on a TechSource Blog near you… little me, again! TechSource was my first real writing gig and I am fabulously happy to be back writing for them again. My first post will go up tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled, lovely readers! Other fun things happening: I finished most of the work I […]

I Usually Have No Idea What I Am Doing Here

The Wee Bairn is running around the house unsupervised so that I may share this flowchart with you. I have a few family members who would benefit from owning a printout of this comic. I know enough about my computer to brake it occasionally and then I can only fix it about half the time. […]

In Case of Zombies with a Side of Fisticuffs

A cautionary tale of how a family full of geeks can carry a thing too far. On Saturday, my family got together to see the new Star Trek movie, eat homemade pizza, an enjoy the good company. Well, we really just wanted to talk about how cute our babies are, but who can blame us? […]

With a Thankful Heart

It has been a banner year for thankfulness at the Rochester household. Some things I am thankful for are simple and some are more dear, more complex. Here is a list of things this year has brought me. Good coffee with real cream – My mother-in-law always drinks real cream in her coffee, and after […]


Life amuses me. For about the past 4 months I have agonized over my lack of time to do a few things: Clean the entire house at once. It is now done in batches. Read my RSS feeds on library news or any news for that matter. Check my email everyday. Write in this space […]

Jane’s Ike Adventure

All is well in the Rochester household, though we are still without cable and internet. A small loss, comparatively, but largely felt by all concerned. I have appropriated the Grandparents Eyre’s computer for a couple hours to go through my obese email inbox and type this missive. When it became apparent two weeks ago that […]

Cones and Uncertainties

Ike is on his way and we are in the (cue ominous music) Cone of Uncertainty!!!!!! I think this is a crazy name for the situation in which your house may or may not be battered by wind, rain, tornadoes, and storm surge, but I do not have a better label. The problem with uncertainty […]

Thursday, packing

Today, I am packing up the car with animals, Wee Bairn, myself, and all the crap that must accompany us for a three day jaunt from home. Mr. Rochester will be following us later in the day. He has work and bachelor party festivities tonight. Sadly, I am fairly certain there will be no disreputable […]

Where is All the Info?

If you want to know what is going on with the Rochester clan, and let me warn you we do nothing the easy way, please go read Defying Genetics. If you are waiting for snarky Jane to return, please continue your holding pattern. –Jane, getting used to the routine of the NICU

Babies, Babies Everywhere and Not a Thought to Think

I am convinced that the more pregnant you are, the more your brain can only focus on babies. I think, biologically, this prepares you for having to concentrate on a wee person’s survival for weeks. I mean years and years. What was I thinking?! As a result of having what my more experienced friends call […]