A Week Off

I am taking a week off of the Writer’s Devos because it is spring break here and we have been having way too much fun for any of our usual stuff. To divert you from all the snow you are having, if you live in the great white north, here are some fun things to […]

Book Review: Tales of the Underlight series by Jax Garren

This review is for the first two books of the Tales of the Underlight series by Jax Garren. The third book comes out today, so guess what I am doing for the rest of the day. You can read a mini review of the first book, How Beauty Met the Beast in my Books read […]

The Back-up Plan

In light of NASA’s trouble with the Constellation Project and a possible end to his employment, Mr. Rochester informed me yesterday that he has a new plan for our financial future. Of course, this plan involves my labor and ideas, but who’s counting? He informed me that I should be able to write something better […]

Flexible ePaper from LG

According to Tom’s Hardware, LG has announced a 19 inch epaper display that, unlike its predecessors, is flexible. LG uses a foil substrate instead of glass so that the entire display can be bent. I am not sure about other people, but I immediately thought of the paper sheet that Badger shows to Mal, Zoe, […]


Waiting for Mr. Rochester to get home so we can watch Castle. Nathan Fillion is supposed to be wearing The Coat. The Browncoat. The actual coat on this week’s episode of Castle. Castle, btw, is a lovely show that you should be watching. Not only do you get enjoy Fillion on screen, but the jaunty […]

Cereal Prizes Are Back

I thought cool prizes in cereal were a thing of the past, but yesterday I saw an ad for the new Kellog promotion. They are offering five badges from the new Star Trek movie. The badges are Kilngon, Romulan, Command, Engineering, and Sciences (Federation). Each badge lights up. I feel like a kid again. A […]

Name the New Space Station Node

NASA is running a pole until March 20th to name the new section of the International Space Station. Stephen Colbert challenged his viewers to suggest Colbert as the name for the node. As a good Browncoat, I have to vote for Serenity, myself. –Jane, currently watching last week’s Battlestar Galactica

Mmmm… Jensen Ackles

In which I talk about some CW shows Supernatural has been on the Rochester household list of watched shows for all of its four seasons. It is a very diverting show which has never disappointed me. Mmmmm… Jensen Ackles. And the plots and stuff, obviously. One of their recent episodes, about some mysterious circumstances at […]

A day filled with Flan fun

I finally got my hands on the Angel: After the Fall: First Night graphic novel. It is a beautiful hardcover from IDW. I can not wait to devour it. They were out of Serenity #2 and 3 of Better Days. The guy said they keep selling out so I had to put my name on […]

Wood, for Geeks

XKCD, “If I wasn’t married, I would take you in a [womanly] fashion” or at the very least share a pint of Mudder’s Milk with you if I ever got the chance. –Jane, typing with wee bairn on her lap