Websites That Help You Help Others

I have recently come across two websites that I thought I would share as they are very useful. There are many times in our lives when we need to help out others. Sometimes, they need meals, sometimes people need help with other things, like chores or childcare, during a family crisis, surgery, or the arrival of a new baby. There are two websites that I have used that make coordinating these things for friends and family much easier. -is a site that coordinates meals. For some areas, they even have a section of the website where you can order soup to be delievered to someone. This website creates a new schedule for someone and then anyone with the last name and password (a four digit number) has access to the schedule.

Lotsa Helping Hands – This site lets you create a community. Each community has a message board, a calendar on which you place items that are needed (chores, meals, childcare, etc.), photo gallery, announcements, and a place for people to leave well wishes. This site requires that you create a unique account when asked to join the community.

Both websites are easy to use and seem to be intuitive. They definitely take some of the headache out of coordinating help for those that need it.

–Jane, currently benefiting from the meals provided by friends

GLaDOS Bakes a Cake

Being the person in the family that bakes is fun, except on my birthday. Then I have to decide if I am going to bake my own cake or if I am going to save the time and mess and buy one. I have until Wednesday to decide. Perhaps, I will just listen to GLaDOS sing me a song about a cake.

Best end to a game ever.

–Jane, to the people who are still alive

First Beer of the Season

First Beer of the Season

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It is one of my favorite times of year… Oktoberfest time. We have a local brewery in Houston called St. Arnold and they make many delicious seasonal brews. They only brew a finite amount, so often you have to know when the brews are due out and then stalk the local liquor stores. They can disappear pretty quickly.

Last year at this time, I was with child and unable to partake of the seasonal offerings. This year, there are no such restrictions.

Mr. Rochester and I bought the last two six packs at our local store and we gleefully danced out with them. We did spare a second or two for the schmoes who missed the goodness, but our triumph won and we giggled like children in the cookie jar. Only this is much better than cookies.

–Jane, prost!

Baking Day!

Today, a couple of my friends and I are participating in a family tradition of mine, Baking Day. It is the day you spend baking many varieties of goodies to disperse upon friends and neighbors because Lord knows you do not need to eat all that junk yourself. My recipes for the day include Pecan Crisps, Molasses Cookies, Date Bars, and Kolaches (the real kind with fruit). My friends are bringing recipes with them as well.
There is wassail a-brewing, nog in the fridge, and rum to make everything extra tasty. It is going to be a great day.

–Jane, culinary pictures to follow