Websites That Help You Help Others

I have recently come across two websites that I thought I would share as they are very useful. There are many times in our lives when we need to help out others. Sometimes, they need meals, sometimes people need help with other things, like chores or childcare, during a family crisis, surgery, or the arrival […]

Welcome to TechSource, Jason Griffey

I am very pleased that Jason Griffey, my conference husband and friend extraordinaire, is joining the TechSource Team. He is a super smart guy and is always amazing me with the things he knows and finds. I know he will have some very good things to tell us. Welcome, Jason. –Jane, loves to see her […]

Midwinter Round-Up, the good bits

This is the round-up post minus the soapbox elements. In this post, I write about the things I liked about my trip and the things that made me feel good about ALA. There were, of course, some not fabulous things about Midwinter, but I am putting those in their very own post. Just for you, […]

On Being Thankful

At the request of KGS, here is a list of what I am thankful for this year. My growing faith and some important lessons I have learned. Mr. Rochester, the best husband anyone could ask for. Last night, he gave me a big hug and told me he missed me the last couple days. Mondays […]

CIL, the funability version

Sushi boat for 4 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. I realized this afternoon that most of my posts about CIL have been all business and no tales of hilarity. And boy, were there tails. On ponies. With monocles. This week the fun was all about three things, in order of their importance: Twitter Alcohol Strippers […]

An Ode to Friday

Friday, how I love thee. I am at home and looking out into a day so clear and blue it sears my eyes to look upon it. The temperature is a lovely 68 degrees. My Five Weeks groups are keeping me on my toes. Our conversations covered everything this week from why superheroes should not […]

ALA TechSource Rockstars

ALA TechSource Rcokstars Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. We met, lunched, shared ideas, and laughed. Sometimes I look around at the company I Keep and think, “How did I ever fool these people enough to let me in here?” This is the first time we have been all together since I joined the group. We […]

Bits of the Week

I will have a post about the ALA Web Planning Retreat tomorrow afternoon. I needed time to digest a bit and then there is always the pesky work that gets in the way. Here are some bits to tide you over, all having nothing to do with ALA: I finally finished A Storm of Swords. […]

Baking Day!

Today, a couple of my friends and I are participating in a family tradition of mine, Baking Day. It is the day you spend baking many varieties of goodies to disperse upon friends and neighbors because Lord knows you do not need to eat all that junk yourself. My recipes for the day include Pecan […]


With the flurry of posts, you may have realized that I have reached the end of the tunnel! Yes, gentle readers, the light is now upon my face. The birds are singing and the air is cool. This weekend most of my college friends will be in town for a wedding. Aggie football is on […]