Mob Solves AIDS Puzzle

AIDS researchers have spent ten years trying to map a protein enzyme of the AIDS virus. A complete view of the protein will give researchers a window into how the virus works and thus enable them to create better, more effective drugs. A group from the University of Washington turned the problem into a competitive […]

GLaDOS Bakes a Cake

Being the person in the family that bakes is fun, except on my birthday. Then I have to decide if I am going to bake my own cake or if I am going to save the time and mess and buy one. I have until Wednesday to decide. Perhaps, I will just listen to GLaDOS […]

DASH Puzzle Hunt

Some of my good friends are helping to organize the DASH Puzzle Hunt in Houston, TX on September 13th. If you have always wanted to do a puzzle hunt, there is no time like the present. DASH will be simultaneously occurring in Boston, MA; Washington, DC; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Palo Alto, CA; San […]

MMOG Based on Firefly

I missed this since I am behind on my Whedonesque reading, but Fox sold the rights to the Fireflyverse as a game to The Multiverse network, Inc. –Jane, shiny

James Paul Gee and the New Equity Crisis

James Paul Gee Libraries, Gaming, and the New Equity Crisis [This guy really blew me away. He really makes me want to change the way we are teaching our kids and made me think about things I want to do with my own kids. I felt like he was really calling us to rethink the […]

Chicago, Milwaukee, and some Librarians Playing Games

I am messing around with the Twitter plugin for WP, so those of you that got a slew of twits via RSS, pardons! I will have my twits coming here in some fashion, digest or individually for the conference. Tomorrow morning, I leave for the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium in Chicago. I am making […]

The Chronicle’s Wired Blog and Jane

My friend was reading The Chronicle of Higher Education today and came across my name. He alerted me to the fact and my response was OMGPONIES. As well it should be. –Jane, see librarians are fun, well, and geeky, ok, ok, mostly geeky

Video Games @ Your Library

Mr. Rochester sent me an article from Gamespot while I was gone about Campbell County Public Library (last time I tried their website was down) in Kentucky that has started adding family friendly video games to their collection. He was surprised that this is a new concept. It does seem like the logical step, but […]