Backward is Forward

Dr. McDaniel teaches history at Rice University, which is just a few miles down the road from where I live in the south suburbs of Houston. This semester he is teaching a survey course in American History (I can see some of you are already falling asleep. Wake up!), but he does not want this […]

Interview for Wired Campus

I had a nice chat over the phone with Alexandra Rice from the Wired Campus at the Chronicle of Higher Education last week. She posted the interview today. I really would like the discussion about how people are using the wisdom of the crowd in the classroom to be something that happens more often. A […]

New Unconference and Mob Resources

Here are a couple resources that might be useful to you if you are new to the idea of the wisdom of the crowd or if you need a little inspiration for your own mob: – Though the blog on this site is not updated often and much of the information was posted long […]

Curating A New Learning Experience

My local NPR station recently started playing talk radio all day (hallelujah!) and I have been wallowing in all the wonderful shows I used to listen to regularly when I lived in Dallas. Last month, I had Talk of the Nation on and Don Tapscott was talking about higher education. My ears perked up immediately […]

Do we practice what we preach?

I am still trying to figure out how to plan my work, house, and napping needs around the hours of my day. I think I am finally getting an idea of what is and is not possible in a 24 hour period for the stay-at-home Jane. I am catching up on some much needed reading […]

What does this teach students?

I am not sure expelling this student for being the admin of a virtual study group is the answer to this problem. If what the students say is true, they were only using the group to help each other, much as people do in a real f2f study group, not give answers to homework or […]

Thoughts on Academic Librarianship, part one

I have decided to write this post in two parts because it may end up being a wee bit long for one gigantic post. I wanted to write about the positives of working in an academic library first because starting out on a positive note is nice. This post could be subtitled: Why academic libraries […]

Out of Context or Being a Hypocrite

Either way, you look like an ass hat. On Being a Hypocrite Two things recently popped up that make my want to wash my hands of the constant hand wringing and “I am better then the common man” librarianship that seems to be the common backlash against innovation and free thought. One involves me personally. […]

The Chronicle’s Wired Blog and Jane

My friend was reading The Chronicle of Higher Education today and came across my name. He alerted me to the fact and my response was OMGPONIES. As well it should be. –Jane, see librarians are fun, well, and geeky, ok, ok, mostly geeky

Google Says No to Cheating

Google has decided to ban the advertising of paper writing firms from its side bar. I applaud their decision. According to the BBC, Mathew Wilson, managing director of one such firms, says that this ban: …will punish the legitimate, transparent companies, which sell essays, but which warn students that they must not be used dishonestly. […]