On Being Critical Without Being a Douche

Every couple of weeks, I see authors I love remind other authors to just be nice already. Today, I came across a writer (no I will not link there) who has an entire website devoted to how much the genre they love has begun to suck and thus this person has decided to do the […]

Out of All the Titles, Really?

I could not help thinking as I read this article about a Fond du Lac, WI parent seeking to ban 7 books from the school library that it is a good thing she is not more versed in YA literature. The books she has her knickers in a bunch about are pretty tame! Her list: […]

Your Current Plan is Not a Good One

I am poking my head up because I came across some posts discussing the news that Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, and the Hachette Book Group (of Meyer and Patterson fame) will be delaying the release of ebook formats of new releases because the hardbacks are not selling as well. Right. This is a great […]

Because the Internets Can Hear You Talking

Because I love Sarah and Candy, because who can resist a good Google Bomb, and because Scott Baio does not understand how this Internet thing works. Chachbag –Jane, and the Internet does not forget

The Irony Fisticuffs Kanye West

There are so many hilarious things about Kayne West writing a book when he clearly detests reading, I am not sure where to start. “Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed,” West said. “I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph. The book […]

What does this teach students?

I am not sure expelling this student for being the admin of a virtual study group is the answer to this problem. If what the students say is true, they were only using the group to help each other, much as people do in a real f2f study group, not give answers to homework or […]

Plagiarism is Stealing and You Can Not Hide From It, the Internets Will Find You

Geez, I ignore a feed for a couple days and all hell breaks loose. This is what happens, gentle readers, when you do not pay attention to things. The Smart Bitches, they are smart you know, have uncovered a huge plagiarism scandal by bestselling romance author Cassie Edwards. If you go to their website, you […]

I’m Being Repressed!

All of the recent Gorman discussion smacks of the elite feeling scared that the peasants are gaining control of the system. (and no, I will not link to the tripe that Gorman wrote) I think the authorities had the same things to say about Gutenberg as Gorman has to say about the internet.We all know […]

Out of Context or Being a Hypocrite

Either way, you look like an ass hat. On Being a Hypocrite Two things recently popped up that make my want to wash my hands of the constant hand wringing and “I am better then the common man” librarianship that seems to be the common backlash against innovation and free thought. One involves me personally. […]

Creation Museum in KY

I would not lie to you. Oh, how I wish I could shield you from the crazy, loonymaking reality that is the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Slate has an article about it today. I am not sure what I can even say about this without sputtering in disbelief. I do admire this group’s dedication […]