This Moment

This first year of motherhood is overwhelming, joyful, and stretches you beyond your limits. Eventually, the children learn to amuse themselves, though they still need you for many, many things. Once Bairn4 turned one, I started writing again. I wrote a book, Mob Rule Learning. It was an interesting process, writing non-fiction. I found through […]

Romance Heroes

I am currently reading Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell. Actually, I am going to set this to post tomorrow and I might have devoured the book by then. If you love romance, you are a scoffer of the genre, or you just do not get it, you […]

Things I Learned From My High School Band Director

You jocks may seek to argue with me, but the class that taught me the most in high school was not Geometry, Chemistry, or even English (though that was my first love). The thing that taught me the most, the things I remember and use even now, was band and it was mostly due to […]

Friday Bits

I have realized that I put a lot of things on Twitter that I used to post in random posts here. I do not want to make all my tweets come here (how annoying is that all the time?), but I think I should try to put more of the random here for you, the […]

Restless Whining

I have felt a general restlessness of late, the origin of which I think stems form many things. Many of my librarian friends have been in Denver at Midwinter. Not only are they in one of my favorite locales, the mountains, they are there, having fun, without me. I suddenly feel like the lonely kid […]

With a Thankful Heart

It has been a banner year for thankfulness at the Rochester household. Some things I am thankful for are simple and some are more dear, more complex. Here is a list of things this year has brought me. Good coffee with real cream – My mother-in-law always drinks real cream in her coffee, and after […]


Life amuses me. For about the past 4 months I have agonized over my lack of time to do a few things: Clean the entire house at once. It is now done in batches. Read my RSS feeds on library news or any news for that matter. Check my email everyday. Write in this space […]

Oh, Internets, I Never Knew How Much I Loved You

Dear, lovely, readers, it has been a sad, sad past few weeks for Jane. I have been without the Internet and Cable since the hurricane. This would normally be a trial, but since I also stay home full time, I feel like I have been stranded on some hellish island in which I only have […]

Jane’s Ike Adventure

All is well in the Rochester household, though we are still without cable and internet. A small loss, comparatively, but largely felt by all concerned. I have appropriated the Grandparents Eyre’s computer for a couple hours to go through my obese email inbox and type this missive. When it became apparent two weeks ago that […]

Ike, Take a Hike

We at the Rochester household weathered Ike fine, bunkered down in North Houston. We were without power and water for a few days, but we survived and that is all that matters. With much trepidation, we journeyed back home on Tuesday. Happily, we found our home intact and water free. Even more exciting was the […]