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This Moment

This first year of motherhood is overwhelming, joyful, and stretches you beyond your limits. Eventually, the children learn to amuse themselves, though they still need you for many, many things. Once Bairn4 turned one, I started writing again. I wrote a book, Mob Rule Learning. It was an interesting process, writing non-fiction. I found through […]

An Almost Streamed Meeting Causes a Ruckus

Something happened yesterday that I am still trying to understand. I am not talking about the shooting in AZ. This was much less tragic in the worldly sense, but more tragic to me personally. An open meeting was closed to me because I could not physically sit in the room, though the means necessary for […]

LITA Forum Presentation – Staff Training and the Mob Rule

I am presenting at 3:20 in room 205. It is going to be very interesting and FUN! I am going to talk about how to use the concept of an unconference to solve your staff training issues. There will be zombies. Participation is required. But not participating zombies. Sorry, no brains for afternoon snack time. […]

On the Road to LITA Forum

Today, I am getting ready to leave for LITA Forum. Leaving the house for a couple days and leaving Mr. Rochester, The Bairn, and The Dogs behind means a lot of extra preparation for me. I will leave them food and water so they should all be alive when I return, I hope. I will […]

BIGWIG Becomes a Transparentocracy

(I said Friday for big news, but I suppose I am unable to read calendars. This is the big announcement. Enjoy.) People fear and worry about the unknown. The PTB, Powers That Be, in most organizations perpetuate fear by having closed meetings, by distributing meeting minutes that have no substance, hiding or disguising the way […]

Midwinter Round-up, the not so good bits

The not so good bits being two things I did not see but heard a lot about about one thing for which I was present and accounted for. Most of my complaints about ALA Midwinter are about things having to do with the division in which I spend most of my time: LITA. As we […]

Congrats, Lauren Pressley

Lauren Pressley is LITA’s new Emerging Leader. Hooray. I hope the second crop does some fun and exciting things. –Jane, counts herself as fully emerged Share This

David Lee King Keynote at LITA Forum

The Future is Not Out of Reach: Change, Library 2.0, and Emerging Trends Change affects each of us in different ways. Sometimes libraries change like turtles. We are the lucky ones. LITA, the techno geeks. Social networking has been taking off in the last 2 years. Our patrons are using things like YouTube, but not […]

Geek Librarian on Parade

Today started a string of travel for me. I am in Denver until Sunday to attend LITA Forum. I will be giving two talks: David and Goliath take on Social Tools and Learning 2.0 on a Dime. Monday, I leave Denver for Virginia Beach to talk to the public library there about Web 2.0 and […]

Survey About Technology Conferences

I am on an ALA LITA Committee that is trying to design a better technology conference. We want to know what you liked, did not like, or would like to see at a technology conference in the future. If you have ever attended a technology preconference, session, conference, or you simply have an opinion, please […]