You know you are a geek when…

You have a serious debate with your husband over what order is the proper viewing order for Star Wars when it is time to introduce them to your children. Do you go with the traditional viewing, Episodes 4,5,6,1,2,3? Do you show them chronology and run the risk of the special effects of the newer ones […]

Friday Bits

I have realized that I put a lot of things on Twitter that I used to post in random posts here. I do not want to make all my tweets come here (how annoying is that all the time?), but I think I should try to put more of the random here for you, the […]

If it was April…

I would assume this was a joke. Strangely, it is neither April nor a joke, though it may indeed be a farce. I am currently trying to wrap up some post-ALA things and juggling the never ending list of things I must do, which includes the care and feeding of that child someone left on […]

In Case of Zombies with a Side of Fisticuffs

A cautionary tale of how a family full of geeks can carry a thing too far. On Saturday, my family got together to see the new Star Trek movie, eat homemade pizza, an enjoy the good company. Well, we really just wanted to talk about how cute our babies are, but who can blame us? […]

Cereal Prizes Are Back

I thought cool prizes in cereal were a thing of the past, but yesterday I saw an ad for the new Kellog promotion. They are offering five badges from the new Star Trek movie. The badges are Kilngon, Romulan, Command, Engineering, and Sciences (Federation). Each badge lights up. I feel like a kid again. A […]

Shiny Goodness

Today, ladies and gents, the Serenity Special Edition DVD comes out. I know you are all going to rush out and buy it. I am stopping on my way home, unless Mr, Rochester wants to make a trip to Fry’s with me after dinner. Fry’s is a geek mecca of techie goodness. I also found […]

Star Wars Content Released

According to Information Week, Lucas Film is going to release over 250 scenes and sounds from all six of the Star Wars films for use in user generated content. I would have been happy with scenes from just Episodes 4-6, but this way people can more easily make fun of 1-3. –Jane, all this Star […]

Serenity Collector’s Edition

While I am working on my LTR issue this summer, I will really just be staring out the window yearning for this to arrive in my mailbox on August 21. –Jane, with new shiny commentary

Joss Is Officially Off the Wonder Woman Project

Joss Whedon announced on Whedonesque this morning that he is no longer woking on the Wonder Woman script because of artistic differences. Now, he says he will have more time to work on Goners and other projects. –Jane, always nice to hear it from the Boss’ mouth

Stardust in Theatres in July

Neil Gaiman’s book, Stardust, has been made into a movie and will be released in July 2007. Stardust is a wonderful book which I highly recommend. I am going to have to reread it before the movie comes out as it has been several years since I picked it up. –Jane, loves Neil Gaiman