Everyone survived Saturday night, drank the required amount, and went to bed peacefully after a night of dancing. I had a great time. Details and pictures will never be forthcoming, but I think you will learn to live with the disappointment. In the same relm as the Coupling (BBC version) episode in which they discuss […]

It’s Raining Men!

Tonight, I will be participating in a time honored tradition called The Bachelorette Party. There will be a limo, innappropriate gifts, too much drinking, and dancing around Houston. All of my friends from various moments in my life will be there, except for the losers who pooped out on me, but I still love all […]


The Gang Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. We may not look like it, but we spent all weekend plotting to take over the library and build our own country. Like Petoria. These are our game faces, baby.


Sinful Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. The reason why I was dragging on Monday morning… too much fun and too many Red Stripes.

Remember When…

You know the party was good when no one person remembers the whole night. I know I should be getting too old for this stuff, but I have the most Hilarious. Friends. Ever. –Jane, remembers more than some and less than others