The Quest for Good Beer

IMG_0664 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre My morning was filled with the Wee Bairn and I driving all over town looking for the illusive St. Arnold Divine Reserve 8. I camped out at the Spec’s (a large local chain) before they opened this morning at 10. I was not the only one there and we […]

Old Books and Love

IMG_9156 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre The Rochesters were in Boston this past weekend and we had a great time doing all the history tourist things, plus a few fun things as well. We walked the Freedom Trail, went to Harpoon Brewery, and attended the Red Sox v. Orioles game. One of the highlights for […]

I Know Why People Have Harleys, a top 10 in pictures

I spent a weekend in Milwaukee before the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium. I have an Aunt and an Uncle who live there and I see them so seldom that I had to take the opportunity to visit. Milwaukee is a beautiful city and in the summer it really is at its finest. I had […]

Mr. Abram dun care

Mr. Abram dun care Originally uploaded by Librarian In Black. In spearit of I Can Has Cheesburger, theese from ze LiB almost mades me wetz ze pantzes.

Learning about L2

Learning about L2 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. This is the picture of the audience of the preconference I gave today at TLA. It went off without too many hitches and we had some great discussion in the morning about Web 2.0 tools, privacy, and trust. Librarians always have a lot to say. I was […]


Pullo waits with Cassie Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. This morning I am packing and getting organized for a quick three day trip to San Antonio. Pullo thinks I have stayed home to play with him and is disappointed that all I have done so far is upload Flickr photos and laundry. Pullo does not […]

Last Thoughts – Internet Librarian 06

Plugged In Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. Internet Librarian was a wonderful conference. The atmosphere was completely different from any other conference I have attended. There was a congenial, light-hearted mood in every session. All of the sessions were packed with Library 2.0 goodness. I felt at home in the sea of laptops gathered around […]

No One Cares That You Have a Blog

No One Cares That You Have a blog Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. My favorite slide from Aaron Schmidt’s Internet Librarian Presentation. –Jane, no one at all

Got a Little Story for You Ags!

Senior Ring, Class of ’07 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. In Texas there is this blessed piece of land in College Station called Aggieland. Students go to Texas A&M, study, learn, and eventually earn enough hours to order their class ring. The ring at A&M is very important. Most Aggies will wear their rings for […]

What is Private?: Who is looking and do I care

Two weeks ago, I went to Costa Rica. It was fabulous. I was on vacation, so I ate and drank whatever pleased me to do so. Is that not what vacation is all about? When I came home, I sat down to upload all my wonderful photos onto Flickr and then hesitated. Do I really […]