Net Neutrality Needs a Cooler Name

I have been listening to TWiT, The Week in Tech podcast, for a little while now and I really like the banter on the show. I am a couple weeks behind, but show 219 had a great discussion of net neutrality. The transcript is available, but here are my two favorite quotes: Jason Calacanis: But […]

Suit – n. – A set of matching outer garments

Last week, I briefly saw a blurb on CNN about President Obama changing the dress code at the White House away from suits and ties to a more casual atmosphere. (link is actually to NY Times article where I am assuming CNN got their story as they had no page of their own.) My initial […]

Hope Restored

After two Presidential elections which left me saddened and demoralized, I am glad that I can finally be proud of who we have put in the White House. To my friends who feel as I have before, I am sorry for your dismay, but all will be well. –Jane, happy to see this day

Early Voting and a Hope for the Future

Today, the family Rochester is heading to the polls. I even registered the Wee Bairn as Mickey Mouse, but I am not sure they will actually let him cast a ballot. We do not have a picture ID, you see. I have not been this excited about voting since my first time after turning 18. […]

David Lee King on NPR

DLK is featured on NPR’s Get My Vote page. Rock on, David! –Jane, librarians are cool

My Caucus Experience

I must admit I am still a bit fuzzy on how the delegates shake out in terms of caucus and popular votes here in Texas, but I thought it would be fun to share my first caucus experience. I voted Tuesday, like normal and then returned home to my parents house* to use my Mom’s […]

Barack Obama in Houston

Barack Obama in Houston Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre This is a picture taken by one of our student workers, Ursula, who was able to get a ticket to the rally. There were 20,000+ people there and I heard it was fabulously amazing. One of my friends described the energy level like a tent revival. […]

Jane <3 Obama for President

I should definitely be working on a writing deadline, but I am sidetracked to this space by something I have been meaning to write for quite awhile. I think today is appropriate to post this because Barack Obama is in my city today. If politics makes you grumpy, please skip this post and go elsewhere. […]

Just One More More Thing to Suspect the Neighbors Of

In addition to letting their dog poop in your yard and not picking it up, they may also be housing the server that is phishing for you. The U.S., according to Symantec, is the origin of 31% of all malicious attacks and 51% of all phishing servers are on U.S. soil. (Obviously, those of you […]

Illinois Bill Update

Thanks to Michael Stephens for the information. This is a follow-up post for this previous installment. Another bill was submitted on the same day as the Social Networking Website Prohibition Act. The other bill is amazing in its differences as it actually calls for education of children instead of censorship. The alternative bill was submitted […]