Bette Davis, Being Famous, and Some Darn Good Advice

Karen Schneider, who has always given me great advice, is sharing some of her wisdom about being “famous.” Timely, the post is, being just before Midwinter, when we will all scurry around trying to meet old friends and new ones in chilly Philly. I really enjoyed the post and was reminded of all the people, […]


Pullo waits with Cassie Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. This morning I am packing and getting organized for a quick three day trip to San Antonio. Pullo thinks I have stayed home to play with him and is disappointed that all I have done so far is upload Flickr photos and laundry. Pullo does not […]

A Sales Pitch

I enjoyed Seattle and I would like to live somewhere else other Texas in my lifetime. I have been plotting various ways to get Mr. Rochester to pick up our tent stakes and move. I think I may have found the perfect job for my rocket scientist. Who knew that Jeff Bezos was running a […]

Sniffing the Windy Sniffs

Sniffing the Windy Sniffs Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. Thanks to some tornadoes in the area, I have the morning off. The rain has stopped but it is still very windy. Pullo and I have spent the morning cruising around online and going outside to inspect the sniffs on the wind. In the Rochester household, […]

Saturday Bits

Leap! Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. Today involved washing the puppy who was beginning to smell like a stinky dog and napping. Contrary to the appearances in this picture, he does not like to get baths, but he does like to attack the hose. Today marked the beginning of something wonderful, the College Football Season. […]

In the Tubes

I am sans Mr. Rochester for the weekend as he is in Maryland. Pullo and I are going to lay around and watch Whedon shows until even he has them memorized. Here is what is in the tubes for the weekend, in no particular order: Finish the two library posts for this space that are […]

Flickr Widgets

I just created a nice Flickr profile widget, see below, and I realized I take entirely too many pictures of my dog. Cat is to librarian as dog is to Jane. Also notice that the largest tube of meat ever, made it into the spread.

Corrupting the Kid

Corrupting the Kid Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. Mr. Rochester teaches Pullo about the finer things in life (beer) at our rehearsal party before the wedding.

5 Months of Life

Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. This wee puppy (wee meaning 55ish pounds) is five months old today. That little bit of tongue you see always sticks out of his mouth. His hobbies include disembowling his stuffed horses, laying on the couch, eating dirt, and being ornery.

This Face

What? Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. This is the reason why last night I got my first night of uninterrupted sleep since the 23rd of December. I am away from him in San Antonio. Poor baby. I hope his dad does not let him drink too much at the party tonight.