You’re Welcome

I married a man who can be as full of the snark as I am and Lord does that ever make me happy. Today he sent me a link to a CNN article about Apple admitting their iPhones have reception issues. Really? I never knew. The best thing about the email was that he said […]

UFO Translations

While searching the Internets for founts of information Saturday, Mr. Rochester and I were perplexed by Google’s logo which featured a UFO abducting one of the Os. Apparently, we were not the only ones confused, as there was no text explaining the graphic. Google, changed the logo in an homage to the classic game that […]

If it was April…

I would assume this was a joke. Strangely, it is neither April nor a joke, though it may indeed be a farce. I am currently trying to wrap up some post-ALA things and juggling the never ending list of things I must do, which includes the care and feeding of that child someone left on […]


Found via facebook: barcode folly Maybe the clerk putting the barcode in the book really, really hated the ending. –Jane, but maybe the rest of us want to hate it too

An Unconference for the People

It is time to be the presentation topic you want to be. Do you have a topic you want to discuss with others but can find no outlet? Have a new idea or project you want to share? At ALA Annual 2009, I (along with my frequent partner in crime Meredith Farkas) am helping to […]

An Unfortunate Choice of Words

In my city newsletter, there is always a list of library events which I like to peruse with varying degrees of interest. This month a children’s program caught my eye. It is called, ahem, the “Pocket Puppeteer.” *cough* I am not sure what the puppet master has in his pocket, but I am fairly certain […]

That Old Ballgame

There has been some controversy regarding baseball’s origins recently. According to Julian Norridge, Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey mentions baseball well before it was reported to have been invented in America. Furthermore, Norridge says that there is mention of the sport in a diary from Surrey dated 1775. I do not care where or when baseball […]

Wood, for Geeks

XKCD, “If I wasn’t married, I would take you in a [womanly] fashion” or at the very least share a pint of Mudder’s Milk with you if I ever got the chance. –Jane, typing with wee bairn on her lap

The Ninja Version of a Term Paper

Just a wee bit of silly for your day. I thought you would all enjoy Ask A Ninja on Terminal Papers. –Jane, looks forward to plagiarizing you soon

NCAA Thinks It Owns the Internets

In the Rochester household, there are a few months that are sacred in terms of planning events. Aggie Football season (that is college football season for those who do not know) and March Madness. Both our wedding and the birth of the first Little Rochester will avoid these fine events. Why? you ask. Well, because […]