Soccer, Going to War, and American Malaise for a Great Sport

I do not generally care about professional sports, the posturing, the whining, the divas. It irritates me. I prefer college sports of any flavor. That being said, the World Cup this year seems to have taken over the American psyche. Soccer has finally changed from the sport we love to ignore to the sport we […]

Cinderella in March

It is that time of year again. When the flowers start blooming, the trees start budding, and Mr. Rochester becomes a man obsessed. Sadly, the object of his obsession is not his lovely wife. College Basketball is his one true love for the next few weeks. All day there has been basketball on in three […]

That Old Ballgame

There has been some controversy regarding baseball’s origins recently. According to Julian Norridge, Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey mentions baseball well before it was reported to have been invented in America. Furthermore, Norridge says that there is mention of the sport in a diary from Surrey dated 1775. I do not care where or when baseball […]

Madness, I Haz It

It is that time of the year again. Leaves are appearing on the trees, the azaleas are blooming, the sun is out, and college basketball is on at the Rochester house. I, under orders of Mr. Rochester who is not even home, have the first games on of the season. I suppose he thinks the […]

NCAA Thinks It Owns the Internets

In the Rochester household, there are a few months that are sacred in terms of planning events. Aggie Football season (that is college football season for those who do not know) and March Madness. Both our wedding and the birth of the first Little Rochester will avoid these fine events. Why? you ask. Well, because […]

The Ides of March

When the Ides roll around that means only one thing in the Rochester household: NCAA Basketball. The brackets are completed. The bets are laid. Let the smack talking begin! Even Alyson Hannigan has weighed in on the tourney. You can see the brackets of other “How I Met Your Mother” stars here. –Jane, hopes her […]

Happy New Year!

I know this salutation is a few days early, but tomorrow morning the Rochester household is packing into the new car and heading for the annual festivities at my family’s lake house. There is, of course, no toobes, and thus no posts in this space for a few days. Please contain your sorrow. There is […]


With the flurry of posts, you may have realized that I have reached the end of the tunnel! Yes, gentle readers, the light is now upon my face. The birds are singing and the air is cool. This weekend most of my college friends will be in town for a wedding. Aggie football is on […]

Saturday Bits

Leap! Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre. Today involved washing the puppy who was beginning to smell like a stinky dog and napping. Contrary to the appearances in this picture, he does not like to get baths, but he does like to attack the hose. Today marked the beginning of something wonderful, the College Football Season. […]

How Is Your Bracket Looking?

My bracket for basketball was doomed after the first few days. As the only woman in my group, my goal is always not to be in last place. Alas, I believe I am firmly stuck there for the remaining time in the tournament. Compounding my grief, is the fact is that my Ags lost by […]