2010 Census

The Rochester household received our 2010 Census form last week. In true geek fashion, we were excited to add out numbers to the count. Numbers are thrilling to my engineering husband and I like participating in the research aspect of it. Looking over the form, though, brought to mind this classic Christopher Walken SNL skit. […]

Flexible ePaper from LG

According to Tom’s Hardware, LG has announced a 19 inch epaper display that, unlike its predecessors, is flexible. LG uses a foil substrate instead of glass so that the entire display can be bent. I am not sure about other people, but I immediately thought of the paper sheet that Badger shows to Mal, Zoe, […]


Waiting for Mr. Rochester to get home so we can watch Castle. Nathan Fillion is supposed to be wearing The Coat. The Browncoat. The actual coat on this week’s episode of Castle. Castle, btw, is a lovely show that you should be watching. Not only do you get enjoy Fillion on screen, but the jaunty […]

What Usability Says About Your Organization

For many reasons, not the least of which was extremely bad customer service, constantly rising prices, and what I now know is an inferior product, the Rochester household is… wait for it… canceling cable. I will not go into great detail, because Mr. R did a mighty fine job over on the family blog (and […]

Frivolous TV Post

And because the Wee Bairn is occupied I would like to take this moment to say: Smallville may have jumped the shark last week. Giving Lana superpowers so her and Clark can go fight bad guys and, you know, super bone is about the silliest thing I have seen and there is some crazy crap […]

Mmmm… Jensen Ackles

In which I talk about some CW shows Supernatural has been on the Rochester household list of watched shows for all of its four seasons. It is a very diverting show which has never disappointed me. Mmmmm… Jensen Ackles. And the plots and stuff, obviously. One of their recent episodes, about some mysterious circumstances at […]

Whedon Gets 7 Show Deal With Fox

Thanks for the info, Jason. Joss signed a seven show deal for a new series, called The Dollhouse. Our very own Whedonverse Eliza Dushku will be the leading role. She plays a woman, Echo, who can be hired to fulfill any fantasy, sexual, illegal, or sweet, but when her task is done her memory is […]

Shiny Goodness

Two Firefly related news items for all my Browncoat readers. Amazon has placed Firefly as #2 on its Sleepers and Keepers list because it has been “…selling copy after copy since the day [it was] released without ever having made industry headlines…” Shiny. There is a sequel to Finding Serenity coming out in August. It […]

Arms Dealers

I am working tonight and thus am home this morning with tea and the dog, watching it rain, again. Remember the show from the 80′s, the A Team? It comes on in the morning here at 8 and I had it on while I was packing my lunch and dinner. I remember loving it as […]

Are You Lost Without Lost?

I have been passing on the radio this week in favor of pop culture fun, hence the last post and this gem. I am counting the days until Lost starts up again in February. My friend, eprahs, sent me this video that the Lost cast made for a convention in Las Vegas. The receipt of […]