Back Again

The Rochesters are headed back to Costa Rica for a week. I am looking forward to seeing family (augmented by the local liquor of course), drinking the excellent native coffee, and soaking up the amazing beaches. It will be the Wee Bairn’s first international trip. I am prepared with three books to read. It should […]

Old Books and Love

IMG_9156 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre The Rochesters were in Boston this past weekend and we had a great time doing all the history tourist things, plus a few fun things as well. We walked the Freedom Trail, went to Harpoon Brewery, and attended the Red Sox v. Orioles game. One of the highlights for […]

Saratoga, CA

I am traveling this week in California, teaching two more classes for Infopeople. For the first time, in a long time, I am traveling sans camera, so I will rely on my pregnancy swiss cheese memory to relate my travels to you. Tuesday, I was in Saratoga, a quaint, little place nestled in the trees […]

Midwinter Round-Up, the good bits

This is the round-up post minus the soapbox elements. In this post, I write about the things I liked about my trip and the things that made me feel good about ALA. There were, of course, some not fabulous things about Midwinter, but I am putting those in their very own post. Just for you, […]

Travel Day to Rochester

My first evening in Rochster, NY included a trip to Wegmans, which lived up to its hype. We ate at the grill counter and I had a delicious pork tenderloin and veggies. What a wonderful end to a day of traveling. The company wasn’t too shabby either. On the way here, I had a layover […]

Geek Librarian on Parade

Today started a string of travel for me. I am in Denver until Sunday to attend LITA Forum. I will be giving two talks: David and Goliath take on Social Tools and Learning 2.0 on a Dime. Monday, I leave Denver for Virginia Beach to talk to the public library there about Web 2.0 and […]

Buffalo Video from my Trip to Yellowstone

The buffalo at Yellowstone National Park were hilarious. Mr. Rochester and I loved watching them roll in the dirt and boss around their ladies. Who knew that buffalo were so dang grumpy? Hours of fun and enjoyment for everyone. -Jane, grump, grump

WWBD?: What Would Buffalo Do?

I had such a lovely time in the Black Hills of South Dakota and in the mountains of Wyoming, that I was sad to return to the over one hundred degree heat of Houston. I tried to convince Mr. Rochester that we could both get jobs in a bar in Jackson, WY and just stay. […]

Jane is Out of the Office

I have always loved the mountains in that visceral way that some places seep into your soul. The mountains make me feel like no other place I have ever imagined or seen. I have not been in the mountains for a handful of years and every year they pull on me. This year, I am […]

Chicago, Milwaukee, and some Librarians Playing Games

I am messing around with the Twitter plugin for WP, so those of you that got a slew of twits via RSS, pardons! I will have my twits coming here in some fashion, digest or individually for the conference. Tomorrow morning, I leave for the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium in Chicago. I am making […]