Retreat: v. - (of an army) withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat. Retreat: n. – 1. an act of moving back or withdrawing. 2. withdraw to a quiet or secluded place. I have always wanted to go on a writer’s retreat. It sounds romantic, to be able to move […]

A Classified Ad for a Publisher

I am taking a class on query and synopsis writing. Most of the class is basic marketing with a publishing spin. The package sent to a publisher is, in its essence, the author marketing themselves and their work to an editor or publisher. We all know this, but it is nice to hear an editor’s […]

Humans vs. Zombies, an Internet Librarian Presentation

Come see me in the flesh Monday at 1:15 in the DeAnza 1&2 in the Portola. Added: Grab the Handout. View the slides. The track I am in for Internet Librarian, Track D: Library Issues and Challenges, is a special one where the speakers are encouraged not to talk much and to let the participants […]

Around Town at Computers in Libraries 2012

The family Rochester is heading north to Washington, D.C. for the Computers in Libraries conference this week. The boys will be seeing the sights, aka the Air and Space Museum, while I am mingling with book and tech nerds, aka librarians. I will be making two official appearances: Wednesday from 10:30-11:15, on Track F, I […]

Twitter Spaz

Sorry about the completely crazy Twitter feed update that popped up a couple days ago. Twitter tools is having a moment. I am going to try to fix it soon. It is turned off now, so there should be no more crazy posts from me. –Jane, malfunctioning

unala10 (Un)Official Call for Volunteers

Can there be official announcements for an unevent? Perhaps. Mark your calenders, oh you lovers of chaos and fun. ALA Unconference 2010 or unala10 will be Friday, June 25, 2010 from 9am-4:30pm in room 207A at the Washington Convention Center. This year, I am planning the unconference with the amazing Sean Robinson. Last year, ALA […]

When Politics and Nerds Collide

My friend, who works in Washington, DC, and I were having a nice little chat today and he asked me how things were at Lockheed. Mr. Rochester, for those of you that do not know, is an actual Rocket Scientist on the Constellation Program which has been canceled by the new NASA budget. That budget […]

Watching the Olympics

IMG_1677 Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre I keep thinking I will get stuff done at night and then the Olympics come on and I am sucked in. Needless to say, we have spent most of the last week or so on the couch. I took this picture yesterday of Mr. Rochester and the Bairn as […]

Readers and the Smart Bitches Sound Off About Publishing Trends

It is all well and good for librarians, publishers, and other professional bibliophiles to rave and rant about publishing, ebooks, DRM, and other things that we love and hate, but it is something all together when regular readers have the same conversation. Sarah at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books will be speaking at O’Reilly Tools of […]

Thanks, Mr. J!

Mr. J, Jennifer, and Michelle Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre Here is a picture with my sister, Jennifer, myself, and our Band Director, Mr. Johnson. It is funny how fast time goes by, but how gathering with old friends makes years seem like yesterday. –Jane, very, very blessed to have been a Band Nerd