An Almost Streamed Meeting Causes a Ruckus

Something happened yesterday that I am still trying to understand. I am not talking about the shooting in AZ. This was much less tragic in the worldly sense, but more tragic to me personally. An open meeting was closed to me because I could not physically sit in the room, though the means necessary for […]

Net Neutrality Needs a Cooler Name

I have been listening to TWiT, The Week in Tech podcast, for a little while now and I really like the banter on the show. I am a couple weeks behind, but show 219 had a great discussion of net neutrality. The transcript is available, but here are my two favorite quotes: Jason Calacanis: But […]

UFO Translations

While searching the Internets for founts of information Saturday, Mr. Rochester and I were perplexed by Google’s logo which featured a UFO abducting one of the Os. Apparently, we were not the only ones confused, as there was no text explaining the graphic. Google, changed the logo in an homage to the classic game that […]

David Lee King on NPR

DLK is featured on NPR’s Get My Vote page. Rock on, David! –Jane, librarians are cool

The Ninja Version of a Term Paper

Just a wee bit of silly for your day. I thought you would all enjoy Ask A Ninja on Terminal Papers. –Jane, looks forward to plagiarizing you soon

Virginia Beach Staff Videos

Two weeks ago, I was in Virginia Beach to give a Web 2.0/Library 2.0 introduction to the staff at the public library. I took videos of the audience. Here are the videos and the smiling faces I saw: