I am currently working on a historical fantasy series, called Turning Creek, featuring Greek mythology set during Colorado’s gold and silver boom. Want to know when the next book is available? Sign up for the newsletter.

I am a librarian by trade and this page is a list of my library science and technology writing.

Book: Mob Rule Learning: camps, unconferences, and trashing the talking head, order it now from ITI, Inc.

Online Article: “My Favourite Tipples.” FreePint, March 7, 2013.

Online Article: “An Unconference Approach Can Revitalize Meetings and Trainings.” FreePint, February 9, 2012.

Journal Article: “Drawing First-Year Students.” Library Journal, November 1, 2009.

Journal Article: “Go With the Flow.” School Library Journal, November 2008: 50-52.

Journal Article: “Go, Team!” American Libraries, April 2008: 30.

Journal Issue: “Changing the Way We Work.” Library Technology Reports 44 1 (January 2008).

Journal Article: “The Freedom to be Literate.” American Libraries, December 2007.

Journal Article: “Catching the Gaming Wave.” AFT On Campus (September 2007).

Journal Article: “Examining a Spanish Nonfiction Collection In A Public Library.” Library Collections, Acquisitions, & Technical Services 29 (2005): 403-411.

Review “African American Poetry.” The Charleston Advisor 7 2 (October 2005): 29-31.

Review “Black Thought and Culture.” The Charleston Advisor 6 4 (April 2005): 41-43.

Review “American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography.”The Charleston Advisor 6 3 (January 2005): 29-34.

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