Wanderings for the day

This is the time of day when one sits at one’s desk and asks, “Is it 5 yet?……What about……………… Now?!” I have not been outside since this morning, but the brief glimpses of the blue sky and sunshine outside of the window have made me long for a blanket in some nice spot and a book. By the time I leave work, it will have already begun to darken and I will have missed a large part of the beautiful day. Is it right to keep people holed up this way? At least I like my job and can feel free to pity those who do not love theirs half as much.

The worst thing about reading a good book (yes I said worst thing) is that no matter what else you are doing, you would rather be reading the book. It is as if everything else becomes less real and you are just biding time until you can read again. My lunch break was so long ago and when I get home I will have to pay attention to the boyfriend instead of Emma Woodhouse. Drats!