Today the idiot award goes to….

Ok, there are two things I want to comment on this morning. One has been in the news here in Texas, and elsewhere, for about a week:
The Texas Board of Education, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that High School kids should only learn about abstinence. They have adopted a set of health textbooks that contain little information about contraceptives. Seriously, when is the last time a teenager heard an adult say, “Hey that is bad don’t try that,” and the teenager actually listened? Almost never. If you want to teach abstinence, do it at home.

One more thing: A school district in Georgia is embroiled in a battle over Evolution, if it should appear in High School textbooks, and if there should be a disclaimer on the books about the theory. Didn’t we settle this in the Scopes Trial?

I somtimes forget the level of idiocy displayed by people on a regular basis. Thank you Texas Board of Education and Cobb County, GA for reminding me humans are indeed a stupid species.