Parental Advisory

Mr. Rochester – aka the Boyfriend (but only when he is in the dog house) – has the supreme pleasure of having his parents visit this weekend. They live, much to his current relief, in Annapolis, but they frequently find occasions, or none at all, to come and visit their dear children here in Houston. I hold the firm belief that Mr. R only dreads these visits because it gives his mother and sister, K, the opportunity to group nag him. I, of course, never join in (this is me cackling in the background). I actually find a perverse pleasure in hearing someone else nag him on topics on which I can not sometimes help giving my opinion. It is like when you were younger and you would be unable to stop laughing hysterically as your sibling was severely upbraided by your mother. Why was this so funny? Ok, it still makes me laugh, but I am a cold hearted bitch. Time and age have not changed that.

In conclusion, please wish me many happy moments in which I sit back and gloat as Mr. R is nagged by someone other than his sweet Jane.