The Tuesdays

Nothing tops off a so-so day with a good ending like a call from an old friend. The old friend in this case was my roommate and partner in crime while I lived in Dallas. B is funny and talks more than I do which is a great feat. I got caught up on all the news from my old group. Today is Tuesday, which means they are all at home sleeping soundly after consuming too many beers at our favorite bar. Every week for almost two years we have been going to the same bar, with the same tired old crowd, to discuss the week and drink our troubles away or celebrate, as the case may be. This is one of the things I miss the most about Dallas. One of the group has started a weekly “Bostonian” update which B has promised to send my way. What is not fun about the combination of friends, beer, great bartenders, and food? Nothing, I say.

After a dreary few days, the clouds finally let loose and it has rained a bit. I made a chocolate flan cake for work tomorrow and I watched the two penultimate* episodes of the fourth season of Buffy. Did I mention my lack of life? I had more drinking outings in Dallas.

It occurs to me that I am now simply typing without real purpose. This means I should go to bed. Sweet dreams to all.

*I have been waiting days to use that word. Anyone else having Monty Python flashbacks?