Water Water Everywhere

It has been storming all day in Houston and I have come home to a very wet kitchen. It was completely soaked. Thank you leaky roof. I am now employed in emtyping the ever filling buckets every hour or so. WTF mates. This really sucks.

I am participating in a middle school’s celebration of National Book Week by presenting my favorite book to the kids. I have chosen Little Women, which was my favorite book until about half-way through high school and Eragon, a new favorite. I have a lot of favorite books, but these seemed the most appropriate. I considered Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging, but I had a feeling it might not go over well. Loony bin.

The dripping will surely drive me bonkers by the end of the evening. I am going to drink a beer and watch Buffy. (I am now on season 5)