Open Letter

Dear Man Who Honked At Me This Morning,

I am sorry that you felt that you had the right to turn left into my lane even though my light was green. I am sorry that you did not turn right into the far right lane, but instead chose to turn into the middle lane when there was traffic coming your way. I honked at you so that you would see me in my lane and not crash into the side of my car. I was trying to avoid a major collision. I am sorry that you felt it was your right to honk angrily back at me, flaunting your ignorance and anger at the commonly known traffic laws. It was unnecessary for you to slow down so that you could drive alongside me to give me dirty looks and call me bad names in the security of your car. Sir, please understand that you were wrong to pull in front of my when I had the right of way. Please get over yourself. You probably fumed all the way to work, while I was saddened by your ignorance and then amused in turn.