Band Nerds

Yes, I was one, I played the clarinet, and I am proud of it!

It is that time of year when familial feelings require that you be home for a part of the holiday. I grew up in Houston and reside there still (much to my chargrin). The parents of most of my high school friends, fellow nerds all, still live in the same area, so about this time of year they start trickling in for a little family fun. Usually around Christmas we all get together,drink ourselves silly, catch up, and reminisce. A couple of my friends are in town early this year and I met up with them last night at a bar on the north side of town. We talked politics, since one of us works for the Republican party (Boooo!) and I am addicted to politics. The guys told funny stories about drunk dialing people, which I have never done myself but I have received my fair share. D told a funny story about drunk dialing. He accidentally deadbolted his roommate out of the apartment and, when he opened the door after repeated banging by said roommate, he was in a towel and talking on the phone. The next morning his roommate related the circumstances, but her remembered nothing. D asked around and could not find the person he had called. A couple of weeks later, he ran into his ex-girlfriend. He asked her if he had called her a couple of weeks before. She said she did not remember, but that she had drunk called someone and could not figure out who. They had called each other and neither remembered doing it.

Alcohol – causing drunk calls since Thomas E.**

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