The Friday After Thanksgiving Top 10

  1. The best Bloody Mary’s in the world, made by Mr. R, before lunch on Friday.
  2. Turkey Salad sandwiches with lettuce and tomato.
  3. Having a group of high school friends come over and consume more beer than we should.
  4. Making our second beer run of the night and having T pick up the tab, willingly.
  5. Drunk dialing my brother, who left the gathering early to see his girlfriend, and (apparently)* asking him if he was having fun and then babbling nonsense at him while he laughed hysterically.
  6. Deciding, when it started raining on us, that we could sit in the rain because it would stop soon. My dad came out and asked us if we were ok. We told him we did not mind the rain. (of course we didn’t, we were all so drunk lightening could have struck us and we would have giggled).
  7. My friend T broke one of the cheap patio chairs. Mr. R (apparently) decided it was still a fine chair with only three legs and defiantly sat in it, until another leg broke off. He repeated his assertions and sat in the two legged chair until it was crushed to pieces. He is now King of the Chair.
  8. Leaning over to my friend A, who is a republican and works in politics, to tell him why I hate Ashcroft. I explained the whole “hysterical” librarian comment to him, but as I did so, I was (apparently) waving my arms in the air and gesturing wildly. A asked the table what the definition of “hysterical” was and could it include being drunk and waving your hands in the air like an idiot. They of course agreed that it did and I was “hysterical librarian” for the rest of the evening.
  9. Leaning over to A and again (apparently) asking if he liked it better when my leg was touching his leg or if he liked it better when my boobs were on his leg. A wondering my Mr. R has not dragged me upstairs to make me go to bed.
  10. Sitting around with old friends, telling stories, and making an ass of myself.

*Each (apparently) is something I am told I did, but do not actually remember doing.

Mr. Rochester thinks I have not used up my “drunken idiot” quota because previous to the last 6 months every time I got close to the drunken idiot stage I was ill. I guess I have some catching up to do. Mr. R thinks I am well on my way. It is worth mentioning that he is the best man in the world because he is merely amused at my antics and not ticked off at them.