Good News and Christmas Lists

Good News: I submitted a database review to a peer reviewed publication last month. It was accepted with no revisions! Hooray! My first publication. I have been concerned that one day my coworkers would come to me and say, “We know you have no idea what is going on. Please leave”. It is not that I am not confident that I can do my job well, it is that I am the youngest person on the staff here and I feel that I need to prove my worth. That coupled with an overachieving nature (sometimes hidden by my laziness) often causes me to strive far. This small publication also proves to me that I have chosen the right profession because I am actually good at it. *sigh of relief*

Christmas Lists

I have put a few books on my Christmas list this year. Every year, There is a list of books on my list that I long for at night. They are usually hardcover copies books I love and would like solid copies to keep forever and ever. Imagine my disappoinment when I receive none of them! I do believe that it is just not Christmas without a book under my tree. Nothing says “Happy Birthday Jesus” like new book smell.

The books on my list are:
The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde (I have the other three, but not this one)
The Gourmet Cookbook by Ruth Reichl
The Plot Against America by Phillip Roth

I have only put three on the list, because I figure SOMEONE can buy me one of them and then my Christmas dreams will come true.

Other things I have put on my list include:
A new little light thingy for my keychain
A jewelry box that is not dumb and girly
A hat and scarf which my sister is crocheting for me
USB Flash drive
Heavier Things by John Mayer
Jersey Girl
Spiderman 2
Ocean’s Eleven
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

That’s all I can think of for now.

–Jane, who is a greedy little elf, but needs to get back to work