Once More….

According to the weatherman, it was supposed to rain all weekend. I have been wanting to go bike raiding in Memorial Park for a couple months now, but Mr. R and I put it off due to the impending inclement weather. It never rained this weekend. We planned for a rainy Saturday and Sunday, so we ended up watching many episodes of Buffy, watching college football, and trying not to commit suicide while watching Leaving Las Vegas, which is possibly one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen. I am still trying to figure out why I kept watching. You know it will end badly and it is not as if we do not already know that love can be a quirky, untimely experience.

On a football side note, A&M was offered the Cotton Bowl with Tennessee. I will be spending New Year’s in Dallas. Whoop!

I finally saw one of the episodes that many Buffy fans gleam about, Once More With Feeling, which occurs near the beginning of the 6th season. I have to gleam myself. I loved it. If you like musicals, Once More With Feeling, is a hilarious kaliedescope of all those things that make musicals compelling and amusing. All the expected over-dramatics were apparent, as well as some surprisingly nice singing from the cast. I was extremely “diverted”, as Elizabeth Bennett would say.