A Tribute to Window “Ate”

A few things. Some people doubt my ability to show self control around alcohol, even though I have stated my wish to exert a bit more in the future. Your doubts are well placed. We shall see how I do. I would like to state, for the record, that I went out last night and had one, uno, singular beer. See HA!

The List-Eater. Warning: hilarity to follow. Got a little story for ya Ags. As any true A&M fan knows, as a student, when the really big games come around, you camp out by G Rollie and sign up on the LIST. The List serves as the roll call and, though informal, has been the system for keeping track of the campers for years. Yesterday was the day for student pull and there has been some frequent posting on the TXAgs message board about what happened. Here is the story (edited for content – see the original posts here)

At about 6:15 a girl showed up to window 8 and demanded tickets to the cotton bowl. She was kindly informed of our long respected “list” system and told she was free to sign up in the next available slot and await her turn for tickets. With this revelation, she grabbed the list off the window, tore it away from bystanders weary of what she may do and stuffed it in her mouth….and swallowed it. Now being in window 9’s list I found it funny at first as I thought I was safe from this psycho-female’s shenanigans….but I got to thinking, “holy crap she just ate a piece of paper to be first in line…”
oh….and p.s. she stood up and said that her actions were “justified with her lord”.

–Jane, who thinks that eating paper is probably not good on the digestive tract