I spent a very productive morning getting much accomplished and then… tragedy struck. My email was brought down by a large corrupt file. No viruses folks, just a file too large. I spent about an hour trying to email through the campus web server, but the speed (ahem) of the server almost caused me go postal. I swear I am not exaggerating. SERENITY NOW! Consequently, I lost all my email files and the techies spent the better part of the afternoon cursing over my pitiful excuse for a computer. I can receive email, but I am using a different client, Eudora, which is crap in case any of you had not already figured that little gem out. Move it along; nothing to see here folks.

On the brighter side, I had a nice meeting with the boss lady, in which she told me I was doing a good job. Whew! I have fooled her once again into believing I am a competent, intelligent asset to the team.

I am on the desk the next hour but I do not expect any riveting reference questions to come my way. The students mostly need more paper for the printers and more staples for enormous amount of stuff they print out. Really, do you need to print out all 200 pages of your thesis just to look at it? No.

I feel I must mention it, because it is all the buzz: Google and Academe join forces. I have been too busy the past couple of days, but I promise to post something intelligent (maybe) on all of it later. Tomorrow if you are very lucky.