Self Control and Christmas Lights

For those doubters out there, I would like to announce that I went to a party on Saturday night where liquor was served and I had 4 drinks and then stopped. I left before the party was over (2am) and went home to my bed. See, I do have self control.

I think I will have to cancel Netflix after I am finished with the Buffy extravaganza. I watch more TV now than I ever have and I need to get a life. I don’t read anymore. I don’t bake bread. I don’t write. Ok, so my life was not that exciting before, but at least I did something besides watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer for 2-4 hours every day. I just finished the 5th disc of Season 6. The insanity is almost over!

I have had The First Rider’s Call by Kristen Britain on my table for about a week now and the bookmark is still on page one. I have to read more.

The story in my head keeps invading my day, especially when I drive and am trying to go to sleep. I am hoping that committing it to paper will make it leave me alone.

It is cold again after being consistently in the 70’s. It is actually supposed to get down into the 30’s tonight. ‘Bout damn time I say.

I am listening to the first Buffy compilation cd (I told you I had a problem) and watching my Christmas lights blink. I remember laying under our Christmas tree when I was little and watching the multi-colored lights blink. It was like magic in the darkness of the living room. It was easy to imagine that anything was possible at a time of year when even windows can be beautiful when they are lit. I still think that may be true.

–Jane, who wishes you many sparkly Christmas lights and time to write the stories in your head