Christmas Cards

I have not yet sent out cards for the festive season and, given the date, it seems unlikely that they will go out at all. has a narrative of her card experience and I think it is what I would like to do as well. I like her list of things needed because it includes this: One bottle Bombay Sapphire (small) MMMM….. martinis.

On a side note: My recent prophetic statements of giving up Netflix to recover my sad life will not come true for yet another month because a co-worker, L, has given me a free month of Netflix for Christmas. The card she gave me said, “Buffy ’till it hurts.” How did she know I once spent about 8 hours straight watching Buffy until my head hurt from all the TV and I had to go to bed? I keep trying to convince Mr. Rochester that I need all the Buffy DVDs to go with my other Whedon shows, Angel and Firefly. He is not buying the argument that I need them mainly due to the lack of any intelligent TV, excepting Smallville and Arrested Development. Also, just in case anyone was in doubt, I have series issues with FOX and the WB. The issues mainly being that they cancel all the good shows and leave us with absolute shite to watch instead. Idiots.

–Jane, who needs to get out more