Whitney Matheson from USA Today has an article entitled “And the honorees are..” in which she ranks the top 100 pop-culture people of 2004. She gives two shoutouts to Whedon fans.

“70. The Whedonesque gang. It’s hard for some people to understand my diehard affection for Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer— which is why it’s so comforting to visit each day, where piles of links are posted by my fellow Joss Whedon obsessives. If you secretly care about the new Spike action figure or Joyce Summers’ Advil commercial, I’ll see you there.”


“41. David Boreanaz. He would’ve signed on for more Angel, but the WB would rather give airtime to “fresh” shows The Mountain and Summerland. It’s OK, though. I’m confident casting agents will be biting in no time. ”

–Jane, whose little heart is going patty pat