Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the longest day of Winter. I already want to go back to bed. The benadryl I took to counteract the irritating allergies I was experiencing this morning have made me sleepy. The cloudy weather is not helping either.

I read for a couple hours last night. I had forgotten how good it feels to lay prone and pour over the pages of a book, albeit a very bad one. I bought a Buffy/Angel spin off book and it is bad, very bad. I have read romances with bad plots that were better written. The paragraphs are choked with metaphors that muddy the page, only to reappear in the following paragraph. Reading this book is like watching a car accident; I just can not look away. The good news is that the novel’s poor writing makes it easier to read quickly, read skim, so I should finish it in a couple of days. Then I can move on to something better, like The Time Traveler’s Wife or Something Rotten, depending upon my mood.

–Jane, is counteracting medication with coffee