Chance of Snow

The weather guys are still predicting a good chance of snow for Houston on Friday and I am still flabbergasted. It was a nippy 33 degrees this morning. Hello Winter! I still have two presents to get and then I am absolutely done with shopping. I spoke to my mom this morning about what we are taking to my grandparents for dinner. Ahhh, family gatherings. Christmas at my grandparents house means a lot of things, but the the most important…. the best damn whisky sours on the planet made with love by my grandfather. He makes them from scratch. I am telling you that nothing is better on Christmas morning at 9:30 than a whiskey sour. Move over bloody mary.

Mr. R is still unable to decide if he will be with us for Christmas Eve. Why is it that men can NEVER make plans? I do not think planning ahead is unreasonable.

I have yet to hear from my high school friends for the annual Christmas get together. D, if you are reading this, call me; we need to talk. In case anyone was wondering, the gathering includes a bunch of nerds and alcohol. Pretty much the same as in high school only without the drunkenness. Last year, W, introduced me to the wonder that is good scotch. We shall see what this year shall hold, hopefully not me doing something stupid.

I am not traveling for Christmas, so I will still be posting in between my brother and I singing “Snow” from White Christmas (the best holiday movie of all time) at the top of our lungs while my mom yells for us to tone it down and why did she ever have to have two such loud obnoxious children. Funny, my sister is never included in the loud obnoxious bunch. Poor her. She has no idea what she is missing.

–Jane, it won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow